Partners of Digitek Labs

Federal Agency for Science and Innovation

As part of the government contract laboratory performed the research "Research and development of a tool for automatic defect detection in the source code of software".

Ministry of Education and Science/span>

Laboratory is conducting the reseach "Automated reengineering of software based on partial specifications of components for migration to different software environment"


In collaboration with Panasonic company Digitek labs has done several research and development projects in the field of software reengineering, reverse engineering of software and analysis of software.


Laboratory is conducting research in the area of automated defect detection in SystemC designs in collaboration with Intel Saint Petersburg.

General Motors

Digitek labs and CAD laboratory have done research in the field of automation of calculating the reliability of on-board computer systems for GM company.

Laboratory is working on several research projects with AVRORA concern in the areas of software production process, software design and development of special purpose software architectures

Federal State Unitary Company "Kamchatka Hydro-Physics Institute"

In collaboration with Kamchatka Hydro-Physics Institute, Digitek labs has performed several projects in the area of design and development of special purpose information and computing systems.


Digitek labs in collaboration with Spectraseis company is developing visualization software for low-frequency seismic analysis.

Microsoft Research

Digitek labs and Microsoft Research conducted joined research in the area of Web-applications' security.


Digitek Labs has done several joint projects with the company LinuxCenter in the field of information systems

BHV Publishing Company

Digitek labs participated in design and development of web site of BHV company.