Analyzed projects

Aegis was used to analyze different sized projects under FreeBSD, Linux, Windows. A few large projects was analyzed:

  • Database server Postgresql 8.3.6
  • Operating system FreeBSD 7.1
  • Emulator Wine 1.1.16

Each of these projects includes tens of separate programs, size of some of them is more than 500 KLOC.

Also, several commercial projects was analyzed (on developers request).

Total size of code analyzed is 3 millions of LOC.

Aegis Characteristics

For characteristics estimation some experiments was made. Detects was detected automatically and then checked manually.

There were a several projects from to analyze (8 projects, 54 KLOC) and firewall software (14 projects, 570 KLOC).

The following results were got:

  • Defect density is about one defect in 1 KLOC
  • Precision is about 35%

Analysis time is from 1 to 10 minutes for projects up to 50 KLOC (CPU Intel P4 3 GHz, RAM 4 Gb). Up to 4 Gb of memory is requires for such projects. Analysis of really large projects can take several hours and up to 32 Gb of RAM.