Aegis is a defect detection tool basic on static source code analysis methods. Development of Aegis started in 2008. Aegis supports C90 and C++98 source codes with GCC extensions. Aegis executes sound and precise analysis of multi-file projects.

The last version of Aegis for C is 1.2


Using of source code analysis tool increases software quality, decreases debugging complexity and development time. Read more

Defect types

Aegis detects the most frequent defect types: memory and resource leaks, double free, incorrect pointer dereference, pointer out of bounds dereference, use of uninitialized variables. Read more

Static analysis framework

Aegis is based on static analysis framework that reads necessary information for detect detection. Read more

Use of Aegis

Aegis includes Web-interface, plugins for Eclipse and NetBeans. It can be integrated with continuous integration tools. Read more


Aegis was used to analyze many open-source projects, and some industrial projects on developer request. Read more